Thursday, November 6, 2014


Right after last year's (2013) Halloween, Ive been keeping an eye on what my Halloween costume's gonna be this 2014. So when I saw the Animated movie trailer of THE BOOK of LIFE, I knew right away that it's gonna be my next Halloween costume. Ever since i saw that movie trailer, Ive been thinking at the back of my mind how am I gonna do it, coz the Manolo character there looks too boxy. To give you a better idea,... and in case you have seen the movie until now, here's Manolo, the inspiration of this Halloween costume.

So, up to the last minute I didnt know how to do it...whether I should use boxes and construct the upper body from that, which is gonna be time consuming, given the fact that 2 days after is Halloween already. So i opted to using real clothes, only problem is Manolo's outfit is too intricate, and sewing all those details will take me forever. hahaha. So being the boy scout that I am, I thought of using Gold Tape, hoping there are such available tapes out there. Luckily, DUCT TAPE, has been making a lot of different colors and designs lately, so I manage to find 2 rolls of Gold duct tape.

Check out the DYI costume I did using duct tape for the details, taped unto my normal Blazer, Vest, and pants.

HYPE this look on

I thrifted the Mariachi Hat at a local vintage shop here, so I decided to wear it with this costume too, since they go together well.



Gold Details DYI details by DUCT TAPE
Vest (with DYI details) by H&M
Blazer (with DYI details)  by URBAN PLANET
Jeans (with DYI details) by H&M
Thrifted Mariachi hat by BLACK MARKET (Toronto)

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