Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey Guys, Hope you all enjoyed your Holidays and your New Year's Day Celebrations. 

A prosperous New Year to all of you!

This look was a costume I DIY-ed  for our Christmas Party last December. Using my existing military Jacket as base, I had to come up with ways to liven it up, since it's too plain- Dark Blue. I had to make it more Festive or Christmassy for that matter. Since I used Duct/ Duck Tapes last Halloween for my Manolo (Book of Life) Costume, I thought why not use the same thing as well. I didn't manage to find bright red and blue duct tapes but luckily, since its Christmas time, Dollar stores sells a lot of Christmas craft materials and decors. They were selling sticker tapes in Glittery red and blue- Just what I needed... so that's what I used to create the details of the blazers. It was so fun and easy to do! I really enjoyed It! The best part, I won 1st Prize (BEST IN COSTUME) Wohooo!!!

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