Monday, March 10, 2014

TRAVEL: Venice, Italy

So I had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful Venice, Italy in 2010 and  just I wanted to share
some of the photos I took there. Totally love this place and would definitely come back if give another chance. 
This should be in your bucket list of places to visit. I heard it's sinking so you better see this beautiful place before it becomes history. :)

 a typical scene you'll see in Venice...

Love these Venetian masks. Too bad, I don't know how i can fit it in my luggage!  

 Love, love, love Prosciutto Ham, just have to ask for it even if its a special order and not in the menu.

 Gondola Boats

 I have a fascination with Lamp post whenever I visit Europe. I always make sure i snap whenever i see one.


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    1. yes Raymond. You should visit Venice when you have a chance! :)

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  3. Your photos are amazing! Hope to get there one day.